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TECMADE S.A. It is an engineering company that has a precision machine shop.

Throughout his career he has built, repaired and provided maintenance services in a variety of equipment for the industry in general.


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Offer solutions for our customers, providing products and services that are more valued than our competitors.


Create value in the long term behaving with integrity. We believe the only way to grow in a sustainable way is to have people with the right values and the necessary capacities to understand and develop relationships with our customers to meet and to anticipate their needs.


In 1973 began its activities.
In 1975 it began manufacturing BRAKES AND BUMPERS for crane were used by the leading manufacturers of equipment for cargo movements of Argentina.
Since 1984 it began manufacturing PERFORATING GUNS AND ACCESSORIES for the oil & gas industry.
Since 1992 is the exclusive agent for Argentina of BRAKES and BUFFERS for crane Galvi brand of Italian origin.
Since 1998 is the exclusive agent for Argentina COUPLINGS, UNIVERSAL SHAFTS and SPINDLES for rolling mills manufactured by the Italian firm MAINA organi di transmissione S.P.A.
Since 2000 is exclusive agent for Argentina ground and hardened ROLLER for all kinds of industries manufactured by the Italian company Officine Montorfano S.R.L.
Since 2006 is exclusive agent for Argentina MOTORS, VARIABLE SPEED DRIVES and ELECTRONIC CONTROL equipment manufactured by Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali signature S.p.A. of Italian origin.
Since 2008 it offers services in systems engineering design 3D DRAWINGS and MANUFACTURING DRAWINGS.
Since 2010 designs and manufactures high pressure hydraulic pumps 30.000 PSI according to customer requirements and specifications.
Since 2012 designs and develops with the company PURSA S.A. Mechanical PUMPS for oil wells.
Since 2013 manufactures SANDTRAPS for oil wells significantly improving the life of the pumps.
Since 2014 provides repair service electrohydraulic brakes for cranes TECMADE bridges and repair of gimbals MAINA for steelworks.
Since 2015 manufactures external pickup truck and roll cages.
Since 2017 expands the repair shop for hydraulic equipment and special equipment.
Start of tasks for transfer and installation of the company in a new property on the Industrial Park.


Oil & gas
TECMADE offers perforating guns and accessories, they are available in a wide variety of sizes.
Contract CNC machining
We have qualified personnel to budget and advise on all types of parts and drawing.
Projects on request
Arranged to generate value to our customers and solve the problems they face is that we have designed a variety of products tailored to their needs.


MAINA Organi
di trasmissione
Gear couplings, universal gear joints, gear spindles, medium and large size universal shafts for high load capacity.
Shoe brakes, disc brakes thrusters, buffers for industrial applications.
Motors, drivers inverters and electronic control equipment for all power ranges.
Rolls for sheet flattening machines, Rolls for cold rolling, Slitter shafts for slitting lines, Hardened shafts and rolls for use in steelworking, Hardened shafts and rolls for paper, textiles and plastics processing plants, Eccentric shafts.
Solves handling problems, by designing and constructing its equipment with the objective of obtaining better conditions both for the materials and for the operators.


TECMADE S.A. is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company since 2008 (updated to 9001-2015) and ISO 14001-2015 since 2016. Our Quality manual is our statement under which we are committed in complying with our client’s quality standard satisfying their needs, always being respectful of the law and using the resources in the most efficient way as possible. All our staff acknowledges the importance of keeping the quality of our products and the company’s procedures, values and politics provide the structure that is needed to comply.


  • Satisfy our clients answering to their needs.
  • Reduce delivery time without compromising quality.
  • Work hard on a non-stop improvement of quality.


  • Our HSE politic is fully embraced by the company’s directors and spread to our staff so it can be fully apply in order to benefit our clients and the company in the long term.
  • We are committed to apply the HSE politics 100% of the time everyday.
  • We are committed to achieve our HSE objectives.
  • We are committed to add value to our customers.
  • We are committed to add value to our organization.


We are pleased to have as clients the following companies:
  • Aluar Aluminio Argentino SAIC
  • Antonio A. D'amico S.A.
  • Astori Estructuras S.A.
  • Autotransporte Andesmar S.A.
  • Celulosa Argentina S.A.
  • Cementos Artigas S.A.
  • Cementos Avellaneda S.A.
  • Cindelvac (de Pedro A. Roux)
  • Const. Eléct. I. Joltac y Cía. S.A.
  • Cristalerías Rosario S.A.
  • Exiros
  • Explobras Com. e Serv. LTDA
  • Ferridar S.A.
  • Ferrosider S.A.
  • Formar S.A.
  • Forvis S.R.L.
  • Geoservices S.A.
  • Incro Sociedad Anónima
  • Industria Tecnológica Argentina S.A.
  • Industrias Juan F. Secco S.A.
  • Industrias Metalúrgicas Gentili S.A.
  • JMF Grúas y Equipamentos S.A.
  • KRK Latinoamericana S.A.
  • Laminación Basconia
  • Manferro S.A.
  • Marby S.A.
  • Mediciones Geolec Chile LTDA
  • Tenaris Ingeniería
  • Tubhier S
  • Metalmecánica S.A.
  • Metalsa Argentina S.A.
  • Metalúrgica Calviño S.A.
  • Minas Argentinas S.A.
  • Novacero S.A.
  • Nucleoeléctrica Argentina S.A.
  • Petrobras Energía S.A.
  • Peugeot Citroen Argentina S.A.
  • QHSE Energy Services S.A.
  • Schlumberger Arg. S.A.
  • Schlumberger Del Perú S.A.
  • Schlumberger Surenco S.A.
  • Secin S.A.
  • Siat S.A.
  • Siderar S.A.I.C.


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